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Please Note

Rocky Mountain Beverage Burro is experiencing a high volume of requests for Beverage Burros for events across Colorado at this time. Please have one representative for each event send a request, as multiple requests from various individuals involved with the same event slows down the reply process. Thank You!! We appreciate your business.


What about the poop?

Burro‘s wear a poop catcher attached to their saw buck saddles to keep area tidy during the special event.

What is included with Beverage Burro services?

In general our Beverage Burro(s) &/or Flower Burro services include dressing the burro(s) &/or baskets as requested (in wedding or event colors, similar artificial flowers, or theme like Fiesta, Western or classy top hat & pearls attire or anything you can imagine etc…).

Do you provide the beverages?

We do not provide beverages only service to carry beverages, candy, chips, party favors etc… whatever the client requests burros to carry), will be set aside by the caterers or bartenders or have had clients set aside a cooler for us to load up from is what we serve. We recommend any beverages chosen for the burro(s) (as provided by the client) to pack in baskets be pre-chilled. The beverage baskets are equipped with foam inserts to keep bottles from clanking or breaking, can hold cans, bottles of water &/or jelly jars with lids if a special cocktail is desired to be served, as we had another event do one time and worked out well! I will also have icy gel packs under the beverages as well, so as long as beverages are pre-chilled there is no need for ice or ice refill…

How much does it cost to rent a Beverage Burro?
Price (mileage separate fee depending on travel to event location)
One burro for one hour = $500
One burro for two hours = $600
Two burros for one hour = $600
Two burros for two hours = $800
Mileage to:_(fill in location)_ will be est. in addition for travel fee to be added on any burro service mentioned above… (closest venue is a minimum of $200 & price goes up the further the venue is to travel. If we have another Beverage Burro we contract that lives closer we will offer that burro, if available to keep travel rates down in northern Colorado, Mountain region & southern Colorado).


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