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THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER. We are so happy with our decision to have the cutest and sweetest bride & groom donkeys at our wedding. They were a huge hit and it made our day even more special! Amber & her team were wonderful. Great, great!

Reviewed On 1/03/2023 by Avery G

I am a wedding planner here in Colorado and I loved working with Amber at Rocky Mountain Beverage Burro! Great customer service and the cutest option to add something unique and fun to your wedding day!

Reviewed On 1/02/2023 by Amber C

The Beverage Burros were a HIT at our daughter’s wedding in every way! The guests loved Banjo and Burrito. They were a great “Selfie Station!” Amber truly loves her Burros and it shows in how much they love her. They are bathed and beautiful when they arrive!

Reviewed On 1/01/2023 by Brus O

Amber and her beverage burros provide a unique experience for your guests. I hired Amber’s beverage burros Winnie and Ruby for my mother in law’s 91st bday party. They served beverages in the back deck of the assisted living where she lives. The residents at the party loved the burros and talked about their visit for weeks. Winnie and Ruby arrived clean and soft and beautifully decorated with baskets and flowers. These burros love their jobs and living a productive burro life.great!

Reviewed On 12/31/2022 by Ellen R

Our beverage burro, Dominic, was a HIT at our wedding! All our guests loved him and he did a great job interacting with everyone and posing for photos. Amber was so nice and easy to work with – she was quick in email responses and she made sure all of our guests got to pet and pose with Dominic. I highly highly recommend booking. This was so cute and fun and I think definitely worth the price! I wish I had more opportunities where I could hire a beverage burro – we loved it so much.

Reviewed On 12/30/2022 by Libby W

Amber was one of the easiest vendors that I worked with for our wedding! She was incredibly organized, got all the info she needed up-front, and then showed up and did her thing–I SO appreciate how smooth and uncomplicated she made this part of our wedding. Dominick was an absolute superstar and our guests loved him! I would highly recommend RMBB to anyone looking for a fun, unique twist for happy hour.

Reviewed On 12/30/2022 by Susanna W

Long story short: The Rocky Mountain Beverage Burros were hands down one of, if not THE, greatest addition to our wedding this May. A couple years ago, my dad sent me a picture of two burros serving beer at a wedding and told me when I got married, this would be a must. Flash forward to summer of 2021 when I was planning my wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch, and in the album of wedding photos, I saw the exact same photo of the burros my dad had sent me. We didn’t hesitate to get in touch with Amber to get them scheduled. Amber and team were a little slow to respond (I was emailing them during an extremely busy period for them which was completely understandable) but when we did get to chatting, they were SO forthcoming with all the info we could possibly need. They sent me descriptions of all the adorable burros we could have and asked me how I wanted them dressed for the day. They arrived on time, were a huge hit with my guests, and made for some memorable photos. We got married the weekend of a freak blizzard in May (90 degree days before and after… below freezing day of) and the team were unphased, happy to be there and excited to have Burrito and Sheba pose for pictures. I wish I could post some of them here!! Thank you so much Amber and team!!

Reviewed On 12/30/2022 by Madison R

We absolutely loved having donkeys at our cocktail hour at our wedding. We chose the mini donkeys- Ruby Rose and Winnie. They were so precious. The handlers did a great job with them and brought them down to my husband and I for a photo shoot with our photographer, which was awesome! Amber was very nice to work with when planning- we just filled out a few questionnaires and decided what donkeys, and were able to specify what colors we would like them to wear (fake floral arrangements). The beverage burros were a huge hit and it was the perfect addition to our wedding!

Reviewed On 12/30/2022 by Caitlin G

Beverage Burros was the hit of our July 4th party. The burros were dressed up in the most adorable costumes. They truly were the highlight of the party! Not only were they well-behaved, but they stood perfectly for adorable July 4th pictures with all of our guests. I highly recommend booking a party with Beverage Burros, you won’t be disappointed!

Reviewed On 12/29/2022 by Marla D

We were lucky enough to have these amazing donkeys at our son’s adoption party! I can’t say enough good things about our experience! Communication was excellent with owners!

Reviewed On 12/29/2022 by Karen S

We absolutely loved having RMBB at our wedding! Burrito was a real hit and all our guest loved meeting him and taking pictures with him. Amber was a wonderful handler and helped everyone get great photos with him. Amber had burrito dressed up with flowers that matched our florals perfectly, she went above and beyond and asked for pictures beforehand to make sure they matched. RMBB was easy to communicate with and had lots of options of burros, fits, and timeframes. We had Burrito there to welcome guests and during cocktail hour, we even got to sneak in some extra pictures with Burrito and the wedding party! Really couldn’t recommend RMBB enough!

Reviewed On 12/07/2022 by Jessica E

We were so happy that we hired the Rocky Mountain Beverage Burros for our wedding, they were an absolute hit! The team was easy to schedule with and had lots of options including which burros, what outfits, what time and several others. We chose to hire them for our cocktail hour as a surprise to our guests and they were a great surprise! People enjoyed meeting them and taking photos with them. The staff at RMBB did great walking them around to meet the guests and had drinks ready for the guests as they wandered. We would definitely recommend hiring them!

Reviewed On 11/18/2022 by Kelsey T